VISO NIGHT Facial Moisturiser 50g

VISO NIGHT Facial Moisturiser 50g

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Now you don't need to pay outrageous prices for ORGANIC and skin-safe moisturisers. And you don't need to compromise your overall health with some of the hormone-unbalancing ingredients in some mass-produced moisturisers either!

We NEVER test on animals - our newly launched moisturisers (like all our products) are CRUELTY-FREE and have had months of testing and re-formulating with the help of our wonderful team of HUMAN volunteers.

VISO NIGHT is a heavier overnight preparation with added mango oil for extra skin-feeding while you sleep. It has been made from the best and freshest oils we can find - all adding up to a synergy of nourishment and anti-aging for your more mature, and maybe, drier skin.

Avocado and Rosehip Oils combine with skin-matching Jojoba Oil to renew and replenish your skin on a daily basis.

VISO NIGHT is very lightly fragranced with a special blend of Frankincense and Ylang Ylang essential oils to calm the skin and your psyche for a great night's sleep.. 

It can be paired with matching VISO DAY, a lighter everyday preparation to keep your skin nourished while you are on the run!

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