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INDIVIDUAL Beeswax Wrap KIWIANA Collection

$12.00 NZD


Celebrate everything Kiwi with our new collection of food wraps!

Did you know using a wrap to cover your food saves, on average, 325 pieces of clingfilm per year (probably more in a busy household). That is 325 less pieces of plastic to invade the oceans and clog up our precious landfills!

Our customers report nothing keeps cheese fresh like a beeswax wrap and they are great for lunchboxes too when all the wrappings need to come home again for processing - just rinse in tepid water (not hot) - and once a year (or more if you wish) lay your wraps on aluminium foil in the oven (about 180 deg) for 10 mins to refresh them and to let the wrap formula spread out evenly again and restore itself.


We use jojoba oil to make the wrap more pliable and also add an anti-microbial property to the wrap to give you more food-keeping confidence, and tree rosin to add the stickiness so it can adhere to itself. They are far superior than the many other wraps available that just infuse cloth with beeswax and our customers LOVE them!


The wraps are 250mm x 250 mm and are great for sandwiches and bowl covers alike! 

"My aunt and uncle loved their trip to NZ - these were a perfect souvenir for them! They have written to say how they are showing all their friends back home how easy they are to use" Caroline - Auckland

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